junior entry

  1. G

    Role discussions

    Hi there guys. I've very recently applied to the British army and I'm struggling between 3 different roles: Armoured cavalry crewmen Ammunition technician Gunner sta patrol specialist I'm looking for a role that's feet on the ground and in the action yet I feel I need to get some sort of...
  2. S

    medical requirements for juniors

    Hi can anyone advise if the medical entry requirements for juniors wanting to join Harrogate are the same as for an adult joining? My 16 year old son has applied but was recently rejected after his medical records show he has a history of migraines. My issue is that he was a child when he had...
  3. B

    I just need closure

    Hello all, This is my first post. and I am just writing this really to confirm something so it doesn't eat away at me. So I have an Assessment center date booked for the 24th-25th of September and I am looking to be going to AFC Harrogate October 3rd I am just wondering if this will still be...
  4. M

    Training to be a junior Para

    I’m not sure if this is correctly how I post something so you’ll have to excuse me if it’s wrong. I am 16 years old and quite a tall and broad shouldered lad. I have been training hard and pushing myself to work on my running, so much so I have started to enjoy it, and go out running everyday...
  5. J

    Officer commission without A Levels or UCAS points (Soldier entry to Sandhurst)

    Although the Army has been very helpful in attempting to give me an answer, I’m still not entirely certain. I’ve always wanted to join the Army since I was a child, there was always a feeling I had to become a soldier to see what I’m capable of. However, obviously, as I got older it became much...
  6. S

    Having a squint in the army.

    I have been extremely worried recently as I have applied and am currently awaiting selection, however I have both amblyopia and strabismus in my right eye, it’s pretty slight and my visual acuity Is decent in both eyes Right eye: 6/9 incorrected Left eye: 6/6 incorrected Just wondering if...
  7. 1

    Bmi over limit at phase 1??

    Hi I'm 16 and set to start at Harrogate for the long course on the 1st of October. I recently weighed myself and realised that I will be over the limit of 27 and won't have enough time to loose enough weight before I start. The reason I put on weight is that I let myself go a bit as it was my...
  8. Lizzerd

    Help with DAOR / LEAVE AS UNHAPPY Soilder

    Hello I'm currently at AFC Harrogate and I wish to DAOR but I dont ive been told about leave as an unhappy soilder I'm not sure the difference between the two is and if they have any effect on me joining later on in life ? Any help would be a great help
  9. G

    What is it like in the signals?

    I'm potentially applying and I'm curious to know what the royal corps of signals is like, what are prospects like after army, can it become mundane after a while and what is life generally like in the siggies?
  10. M


    I've got some enquiries, I've said I wish to join sappers as fabricator to get that trade then achieve my end goal as EOD specialist , I then found out that sappers do the more uxb stuff than modern counter explosives, I then proceeded to look into the rlc ammunition technician. However through...
  11. M

    What is a clerk of works?

    The website only gives so much and I know I sound like a dick to ask this. I'm viewing more on the construction side, I've heard they help with design, does that mean they help with drawing and the ideas behind what it is.
  12. M

    Junior entry selection

    I saw a video about the ADSC which has proven how easy it is for me to get deferred there. I decided, just under two years early, to start getting prepared, I'm 14 and hoping to join as a sapper, I'm in the acf as a lance jack currently but I wish to join junior entry, i ain't the fittest ******...
  13. M

    Infantry enquiry

    I'm hoping to join Harrogate in the next year or so and I'm hoping to join the paras or the guards,m y questions to myself are should I join paras, reg infantry or LD, I like ceremonial but im still deciding on wether or not I would personally want to make a living of it, my main concern is that...
  14. M

    Jobs after infantry

    I'd love to do infantry, in cadets I loved it even though it was only basic, my main issue is when I leave then what can I do, I've CNT level 2 in it, GCSE engineering and an nvq in engineering ops (can't remember the level) if I went to Harrogate I would get two more qualifications, I'm stuck...
  15. M

    Tips for junior

    I'm joining Harrogate soon into the sappers, I'm wondering for any tips. If you must know I'm joining as a fabricator.
  16. G

    Rifles waiting list

    I've heard about the rifles having a big waiting list, can someone explain this to me. Also, why have u never heard of rifles JS at Harrogate. Appreciated help
  17. Skr.69

    RA or RE Junior Entry

    Im currently in my applicaton process for the army, its something ive been wanting to do all my life and my interview to go to AFC Harrogate is next week. However, i cannot decide between joining the Royal Engineers or the Royal Artillery. Im aware if i go down the RA route i will have to do a...