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    Anyone know how you’d STOP a GAYE payment from salary please?

    Hello guys, been a long lurker to this site for a long time without registering! Long story short I agreed to donate £2 per month to my Corps museum at the start of phase 2 training. I ticked the ‘1 year’ option. Forward over 2 years from then and the £2 per month is still coming out of my...
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    Entitled or Not Entitled(LSA for reserves on OPs)

    Hello everyone, I am currently reserve doing 6 months with the regulars on some ops. I haven't been mobilised nor have I signed anything. Literally got offered ops in Cyprus and accepted. My question is....Am I entitled to LSA as I'm on OPs? On my payment each day I'm doing is annual camp...
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    Do I have to take leave if it's enforced?

    Morning. My official last day in the Army is Jan 29th and including all my leave (43 days on card and 29 days restlement leave days, these 29 are not working days they include weekends also) and I have been told that I must take summer leave (15 days) as they cant do anything for me in those...
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    GYH(T) Confusion & Questions.

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum & new to the military, I was directed here in my search for answers to my questions. I live in Northern Ireland and have done for the past 16 years. I pay rent for a house I share with my father, basic bills like phone & internet are in my name but the rest is in...