joining army reserves

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    Am i too old or late

    I'm 35 slightly unfit but I reckon I could sort that out in 6 weeks. I can't afford to join full time, Am I being stupid signing up for the reserve at my age? It feels right, can't really explain it..
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    Any farmers in the Army Reserve currently?

    Any farmers in the Army Reserve currently? How do you handle the time requirement? I'm keen to join but worried as my working pattern is all over the place. Cheers
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    Does anyone know the policy on joining the police if you are already in the reserves?

    Hi, I am currently considering joining the Reserves, I applied to the regulars when I was 18 but due to injury that was put back and then other things came about and sadly I don't think it could be something I could pursue, however I wanna still do my time and want to join the reserves however...
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    Army Reserves during 6th form?

    Can anyone give me info on the weekly, monthly and yearly time commitment to the army reserves and how this would fit around a typical school (6th form) timetable and exams? There's no info or advice online, probably as most people in 6th form are not 18 and so wait untill university but I'm an...
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    Joining Army reserves

    Thinking of joining the army reserves, I'm after some nuggets of wisdom, any info appreciated. Do you or do you know anyone in the AR that works in a school? Do both roles complement each other with the amount of time off, or do they clash? Is the school employer keen? I'm a turn up early...