job choice

  1. A

    Questions Regarding the Rifles Regiment

    Hey everyone, What I'd like to know is how they decide who to send where after basic, Is it a matter of skill and capabilities or is it decided on a first come first serve basis? Does anyone have any regiment suggestions that I should research, I was born In England but raised In Scotland and...
  2. R

    Is it worth becoming a tank officer or joining the CTSFO police unit?

    Which one would you say is more rewarding and is better in terms of future post career?
  3. Povey

    Job Dilemma

    Hello, I'm am about to go to Harrogate but didn't get a say in my job choice as there was only one place left, in the artillery. (I did this to get my foot in the door as I didn't want to enter adult training at 17.) I want to do a mechanical job because that's what interests me but I also...
  4. I

    Undecided job choice

    Hey, I have selection next week 11th July, I currently have the Royal Artillery as 1st choice and was interested in the special observer role however my fitness is of high standard my 1.5 mile run time is currently 7:45 and I feel I have a urge to go Parachute regiment espexially that I recently...
  5. A

    Halfway through basic and don't know what to do

    Hi everyone I'm 18 with duck all qualifications and halfway through basic. So I'm halfway to pass off and originally wanted to join the RAC, however I clocked that I only have few GCSEs and the RAC doesn't offer much to take back to civvie with you. Unless I'm wrong here. What corps would be...