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    ALDP (Replacement of CLM) for Re-joiners on lower Ranks.

    I left Army on Substantive Cpl and rejoined as LCpl. I am already qualified for JCLM part 1, 2 and 3. My question is do I have to attend ADLP on promotion to Cpl again? Thanks in advance.
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    I am a full screw currently posted out in Kenya for 6 months. I was selected and promoted almost a year ago whilst I was on another posting so my time only in battalion was only a couple of months before getting shipped out here as TDS. Im lead to believe you should complete your CLM PT 1...
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    Re-cap badged

    I re cap badged a couple of years ago in The Royal Signals from the Infantry. I came across as a substantive full screw. Now I'm looking at picking up Sgt but ive been told I need to complete JCLM Part 3. I re cap badged from the infantry and never knew anyone that did this "part 3"? After a...