japanese military

  1. Nemesis44UK

    The Battle of Iwo Jima

    The Battle of Iwo Jima by Mark Khan Iwo Jima is probably the most famous battle in the Pacific theatre in World War Two. It gave birth to one of the world’s most iconic photos – that of US Marines raising the US flag on Mount Suribachi, signalling the end of that brutal campaign. That, along...
  2. Auld-Yin

    The Japanese Battleship ISE by Carlo Cestra

    There have been quite a few books which are aimed at the modelling fraternity reviewed on Arrse recently and this is another. Seaweed reviewed two from this particular series from Kagero Books, Destroyer Shimakaze and Schnellboot S-38 & S-100. I will deal with this book but I don’t have a lot...