itc catterick infantry training

  1. J

    Transfering infantry regiment

    About to start phase 2 from afc harrogate and joined not doing much research into different regiments. Me being at afc for almost 9 months I’ve seen and learnt about many other regiments and I’ve lost motivation in my current reg and would like to transfer to a different basic infantry reg in my...
  2. J

    Basic training Catterick

    Anyone going to ITC catterick 8th of November for infantry training?
  3. J

    Basic training kit list for catterick?

    So i passed my assessment 2 weeks ago and I'm awaiting a date to start basic but I want to make sure I take what I need, so when I checked the army website it had 2 kit lists one for catterick from 2009 and one from pirbright from 2017, has anyone here been given a kit list for there basic...
  4. JL1778

    ITC berets.

    Good morning, I’m coming towards my drill test in the next couple of weeks and we are shaping our berets soon but my issued one is a pile of sh!t do we have to wear the issued ones or can we use ones from the PRI like the ammo and co ones with a smaller crown as my head is like a pin so the one...
  5. C

    Basic training at Catterick and use of laptops

    Hi, I have my PRAC on the 19th of this month, I’m confident that I’ll pass as I believe I’m very fit but I know it will be a challenge, but anyway after that I’m hoping to be given a date to start basic phase 1 in September. I’m curious if I would be able to buy a laptop at any point during...
  6. J

    Catterick training

    Hi so I have my assessment on the 10th of June and if I pass I should be joining on the 30th of june. Just wondering if anyone will be joining that day too. Not to sure what to bring and expect apart from from whatever research I can get off the internet and YouTube. Just a little heads up would...
  7. M

    Intake dates

    Hey can anyone tell me how many intake dates do catterick have a year for the rifles . Not sure if am posting in the rite thread, .apologise if it is new to this
  8. M

    Im being pushed into my local regiment

    I am from Buckinghamshire and my dad was from Essex, I want to join the anglians because that was my dad's local regiment (even though he joined the tsw in the raf), at the moment however, I live in Wales, I went to a recruiting office and they started pushing me into the royal Welsh, as not to...
  9. T

    ITC catterick training regiments

    Quick question When you start training at catterick are you put with others that are joining the same chosen cap badge or will you be mixed with different infantry cap badges?