1. untallguy

    Monte Cassino: Opening the Road to Rome

    Monte Cassino by Richard Doherty is another book on the fighting in and around Cassino in 1944. The book covers the fighting in Italy before the campaign, the battles themselves and the subsequent advance on Rome. Doherty has done a good job here in putting together a narrative to cover a...
  2. Gunnergrandad29

    Help with my grandads records

    Hi everyone. I am hoping you can help me, I have been trying to trace details of my grandad who died before I was born. Nearly all of my photos of him are whilst in the army. Only recently I have got his service records from Glasgow and I am trying to find out where he served etc. Using his...
  3. Kromeriz

    End of sanctions against Russia?

    There is an article behind a pay wall in the Times. In it, Italy is pressing the EU and the UK in particular to engage with Russia to end the refugee crisis in Libya... 'Italy is turning to Russia to help combat the immigration crisis, despite warnings from European allies about Vladimir...