1. J

    Who would the British army send in if house of commons under attack

    If ISIS attacked and held people hostage in house of commons would they send in the SAS or would they send in the intelligence corps to deal with Isis?
  2. Red Hander

    'Islamophobia' - Parliamentary group's definition to 'Cripple anti-terror fight'?

    Policy Exchange, a leading UK think tank, has published this paper (link downloads PDF report)...
  3. G

    SDF and YPG vs the West Force

    Should the west force Iraqi coalition forces such as the SDF and YPG to stop fighting and insert our own professional armies to take the fight to IS, considering the loss of civilian life being suffered by the Iraqi people?
  4. RCT(V)

    NATO Auditor Investigating Terrorism Funding Found Dead

    Presumably, more to this than some would have us believe . . . NATO Auditor Investigating Terrorism Funding Found Dead, Family Disputes It Was Suicide Belgian media also reports in the days before his suspicious death, Chandelon “felt threatened,” and that the duties of his job would have...
  5. RoyalGreenJacket

    Jewish rabbi stabbed by attacker shouting 'Allah Akbar' in France

    as I predicted correctly last week - it appears another one of the Muslims has tried to murder and maim in the name of his religion today: BREAKING: Jewish rabbi stabbed by attacker shouting 'Allahu Akbar' in France i see this latest attack by one of the Muslims was also quickly caveated by...
  6. Mr Happy

    UKSF wagons in Syria

    The BBC report rebro'd by Forces-Telly below featured UKSF in the sand: UK Special Forces 'Pictured Fighting Daesh In Syria' I was a bit surprised to see that they weren't running around in either Jackals or something very armoured. With that in mind, can anyone shed any light on (a) what...
  7. Microbe

    ISIS Hunting Club

    10 minute excerpt from a Dutch documentary. This has got Them (or American Them) written all over it. The OC sounds like he's spent a few years in Blighty prior to going back home to fight Daesh.
  8. mitch8951

    ONLY in Britain!

    RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Gay jihadis, human rights and ISIS in Cirencester RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Gay jihadis, human rights and ISIS in Cirencester via @MailOnline A Must read article!
  9. NSP

    Abid Naseer: Arndale bomb plotter gets 40 years

    The Manchester Arndale plotter has been sent down in the US for a forty stretch. "A Pakistani student planned to copy the IRA bombing of Manchester Arndale Centre before his accomplices would target fleeing survivors in suicide bombings, it has been disclosed. Abid Naseer, 28, was jailed for...
  10. G

    IS, will we deploy?

    With all the horrible sh*t that's been going on in paris, airstrikes are being made against is however, when the PM grows stupid enough and everyone realises they have an unknown shortage of bombs, do you reckon british troops will deploy, i know that some things are happening but do you reckon...
  11. Red Hander

    Poll now added: UK Military Action in Syria - Second Commons' Vote

    It is thought likely that, within weeks, the Prime Minister will ask the Commons to approve UK military action against IS in Syria. In 2013, the government lost a vote in the Commons after it had proposed to attack the Syrian government/regime. The impact of that defeat was significant and...
  12. O

    Catch 22 - Fight or Flight in Terrorist Attacks?

    The military or civil forces cannot be everywhere, everytime (what we have left of them). Yet, a handful of terrorists can wreak havoc in the name of their cause. Do citizens need to consider 'fight or flight' during attacks? These terrorists will not let you live, that's not their mission...
  13. peshmerga

    Medical volunteers

    Hello all, I am here in the hopes of gaining some medical volunteers. I am veteran from the British Army and have been working on and off in Iraqi Kurdistan since August 2014 volunteering assistance to the Kurdish Peshmerga who are currently fighting ISIS. We now have an official training...