irish guards

  1. M

    Royal Irish or Irish Guards?

    Looking to join one of these two, get the impression that some regiments in the army are shit, which of them is better and why? Cheers.
  2. J

    Guards Parachute Platoon

    Hi was curious if the Guards Parachute Platoon still have to take part in public duties? And also I was told that the Irish guards are moving back to Aldershot so does this mean they will be doing more public duties now? Thanks
  3. Bad CO

    Wooden tops banned from Gaelic footy?

    Despite our lords and masters assuring us that peace and harmony is the new order for the Emerald Isle, it would appear that there are those closer to home with long memories and deep prejudices. It would appear that the Irish Guards may not be allowed to play Gaelic football with other Irish...