1. IrishWarrior87

    Irish (republic) Servicemen in British Army

    I am doing research mostly just out of interest in all honesty about soldiers who joined the British army that army from the republic of Ireland and wondering If anyone knows if they face stigma in the Republic of Ireland. I know a fair amount of Irish soldiers who served in the British armed...
  2. T

    Light Cavalry Regiment for a Northern Irishman

    Hi all. So basically I have an interest in joining the army and more specifically a light cav regiment of the RAC. I have looked into some of the different regiments but it seems that they all have reputations for being the cavalry regiment of the mainland countries of the UK, which is not...
  3. D

    Infantry Platoon officer Reserve Education?

    Hello, I'd would like to join the Infantry Platoon as a officer in the reserve. I'm currently studying full time in Dublin, Ireland. I'm studying Computer Science as Ordinary Degree (level 7), now I didn't do well in my leaving cert (A-levels) so I won't be able to put that forward as my...