iraq war

  1. Cynical

    Where The Tempest Gathers

    The author, an American, was educated at St Paul's School (on of the best English public schools), studied philosophy at UCL, law at Westminster and then enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. As a private soldier. Demanding to join the infantry. Clearly not a typical entrant to the USMC...
  2. JINGO

    Images of War. M2/M3 Bradley.

    IMAGES OF WAR. M2/M3 Bradley. Pen and Swords Images Of War is a large body of work and constantly getting larger. In this volume David Doyle has made a significant addition. The M2 Bradley IFV and it’s closely linked brother the M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle had their roots in the mid 70s. Along...
  3. Andy Farman

    Blair's immunity from prosecution over the Iraq War

    The Official Secrets Act prevents his being tried... really? At least we all now have a Get Out Of Jail Free card if we are accused of treason if that is the case, which of course it is not, it is the establishment (elite) covering their posteriors. Blair's immunity from prosecution over the...