1. Tappet

    iPhone to Android; anyone made the move?

    I’ve got a iPhone 6s, and have had iPhones since I first got a smartphone. I don’t really use any iOS only apps, and am getting a bit fed up of shite battery life and apple’s “only use our stuff or we’ll make it a pain in the ar*e for you” approach. Anyone made the leap to Android? Any...
  2. Tappet

    Citizen Science Apps

    i remember many years ago that SETI used to have a programme you could put on your computer, and it would assist in scanning a tiny bit of the sky in the background. Seeing as I now effectively carry a computer in my pocket, that is on 24/7, with plenty of processing power, does any arrser...
  3. C

    Tips to make savings on your mobile phone bill

    I thought this article on how to cut mobile phone costs and still keep a decent handset might be of some interest. 4 Top Tips To Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill Do you have any tips that are not covered that are specific to a military lifestyle?