1. BratMedic

    British Naval Intelligence through the Twentieth Century

    An extremely well researched and comprehensive read, but, it is a weighty tome indeed. This account covers just about everything to do with Naval Intelligence you could think of, personnel, incidents, codes, ciphers and general intelligence gathering. There is a brief account of the early...
  2. P

    Officer Prospects

    Hello all, I am looking to start my application to Sandhurst and am thinking about the various opportunities that this will provide. I am not sure which Corps/regt to join. I have narrowed it down to intelligence and educational and training services but want to know more about the possibilities...
  3. J

    Is the intelligence corps hard to get into?

    Is it hard to get into the 2 MILITARY INTELLIGENCE intelligence corps? Would I have to do alot of preparing before my assessment?
  4. B

    Applying to the Int Corps - detrimental to future work abroad in China/Russia?

    Hello all, I am currently applying to 5 MI battalion - a reserve intelligence unit. If I am not accepted into the Int Corps reserves, I would instead like to go abroad for a few years teaching English. The best places (in my opinion) to do this are China and Russia. Does anyone with any...
  5. W

    Intelligence Officer: RAF vs Army

    Hi. I'm interested in the role of Intelligence Officer in either the RAF or the Army. Please can someone with experience tell me about the main differences between the two roles and how to decide between them?
  6. W

    Best role for adventurous travel?

    Hi everyone, I am considering joining the armed forces as I like the idea of adventurous travel- jungle, mountains, etc. Aside from the marines, which roles offer the most opportunities for this? From my research, guards or intelligence seem to be the most interesting, but I’m open to...
  7. Z

    S.O.E. CD1 The Life and Times of Sir Frank Nelson

    Available to pre-order now at > Home < The biography of Sir Frank Nelson KCMG, the first Chief of the Special Operations Executive. Mike Palmer's book is the foundation of a British Heritage 'Blue Plaque' submission to acknowledge the work of Sir Frank Nelson, a name forgotten in history.
  8. H

    Recruitment, Roles and Intelligence

    Hey, first off sorry if this isn't the best place to post this but I've got a few questions about some of the roles and recruitment for the Royal Artillery. To begin which just what's some of the main differences between 148 battery (29 commando) and 4/73 Sphinx Special observation post...
  9. J

    British Army Int Corps Requirements

    Hi, I've been looking at different roles that the military has to offer and the British Army Intelligence Operative role stood out for me. I want to apply however I am not meeting the requirements for GCSE's... I Have 5 GCSE's although only two of them are actual GCSE's (English and Maths)...
  10. Couragethecowardlydog

    Soldier -> Officer OR straight to Officer training??

    Hi guys, been pondering on joining the army for a few months now and after some research, I've begun the joining process. I am still at University so my original plan was to join as a Reserve Officer. I'm interested in the Int Corps who the army careers lot have said is at 120% capacity so are...
  11. W

    Officer or Solider/RMP or Intelligence

    Hi everyone, First of all I’m new and this is my first post and I had no clue where to post this question, so please excuse any annoying and infuriating naivety or ignorance. Basically I want to join the Armed Forces and I really, really want to work in the Intelligence area or the RMP to the...
  12. ShoghunUK

    Formal Qualifications

    It's been a while, now, since Intelligence and Securiy have had formal qualifications available. Having helped members who have undertaken the MA in Intelligence and Security Studies available from Brunel University and seen even those who have very little experience with the subject obtain the...
  13. GleamingQunt

    Anyone transferred from Infantry to Int Corps before?

    Looking to get some information on transferring to the Intelligence Corps, from Infantry. Basically I'm wanting to do something different and would like to know what its like being transferred? Where the phase 2 (if it is that) training is conducted? Also if I'd have to go back to the depot for...
  14. theheartbreakkid

    Int Corps Blues - Officer Collar Badges?

    Dear Arrsers, I have recently purchased a rather nice "old style" No1 dress jacket from a tailor who I shall not name, and having had it delivered today I am pleased to say it fits an absolute treat. However, there is a distinct lack of collar Badges. Now, I do have someone leafing through the...
  15. O

    Soldier first...

    My Dad who is ex-REME has always made a point of reiterating the fact that you are always a soldier first.. I know this is true and I am not knocking it. I am thinking of joining up and had my eye on Intelligence. I have been led to believe that as an operative you will be spending most of your...
  16. T

    Regional Intelligence

    A great roundup of intelligence from across the region. This will be a weekly publication: Regional Intelligence update to 05 Nov 15