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    Waiting on assessment centre...what is next?

    Hi, I am applying to be a Reserve Officer in the Intelligence Corps. Currently, I am waiting to book my assessment centre, which should be complete in the coming days and set for a July date. Assuming I was to pass this, it is my understanding that, chronologically; More background checks on...
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    Will my plan to live abroad refuse my army application?

    Hi all, First off, apologies if this question has been asked previously, however if it has I can't find it and searched for hours now looking for an answer to my concern. So I've now come here to see if any of you can help. The issue I have is this: I am dead set on joining the army...
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    Is the intelligence corps hard to get into?

    Is it hard to get into the 2 MILITARY INTELLIGENCE intelligence corps? Would I have to do alot of preparing before my assessment?
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    Applying to the Int Corps - detrimental to future work abroad in China/Russia?

    Hello all, I am currently applying to 5 MI battalion - a reserve intelligence unit. If I am not accepted into the Int Corps reserves, I would instead like to go abroad for a few years teaching English. The best places (in my opinion) to do this are China and Russia. Does anyone with any...
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    Is it worth taking a master's degree if I intend to join the Intelligence Corp either way?

    Hey So I'm in need of a little advice here. I've noticed threads around the masters degree topic but they don't seem to answer my question and view the topic in a different light. Anyway, since high school, I've always wanted to have a career in either military intelligence or the foreign...
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    Intelligence Officer: RAF vs Army

    Hi. I'm interested in the role of Intelligence Officer in either the RAF or the Army. Please can someone with experience tell me about the main differences between the two roles and how to decide between them?
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    Intel Corps selection - any advice?

    Hi All, First post here, just set up my account but am a long time lurker. Have my Intel Corps selection day coming up and was wondering if anyone had any advice beyond making sure to look sharp, keep track of current and foreign affairs, and have reversed answers for why you’re interested in...
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    Intelligence officer

    I am currently studying in my last year of a levels and I am hoping to get a place at RMAS and hopefully get the chance to train for the intelligence corps as an officer however, I’m not looking to study at uni, will this be an issue? Also how will they decide whether the intelligence corps is...
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    Joining the INT co from New Zealand

    Hey guys, So basically, I am a dual citizen NZ and British. I have lived in the Uk and NZ all my life (mostly NZ though). Now I am currently halfway through a medical degree (4th year) here in new zealand, and I am wanting to join the army as an officer and hopefully get placed into the...
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    Intelligence Corps

    Hi guys, I have been thinking of joining the Army for a long time now, I am currently at uni. I got a couple of questions in regard to what the one-year training at Sandhurst is like and about life after the training. 1. When you start the training do you get to decide what role you will do/...
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    Advice on Units to Join

    Hi everyone, Need some advice on who to join. I'm wanting to go as an officer, but I failed Main Board last time, and should I fail again, I will join the army as a soldier. I've talked to careers people, and I've mentioned my interest in the infantry, but they are not keen as I am a graduate...
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    British Army Int Corps Requirements

    Hi, I've been looking at different roles that the military has to offer and the British Army Intelligence Operative role stood out for me. I want to apply however I am not meeting the requirements for GCSE's... I Have 5 GCSE's although only two of them are actual GCSE's (English and Maths)...
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    Officer or Solider/RMP or Intelligence

    Hi everyone, First of all I’m new and this is my first post and I had no clue where to post this question, so please excuse any annoying and infuriating naivety or ignorance. Basically I want to join the Armed Forces and I really, really want to work in the Intelligence area or the RMP to the...
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    SRR - Navy or Army officer?

    Evening chaps. Apolagies if I've posted in the wrong section, not posted before. I have a few questions. I am planning on joining either the RN or army as an officer. For the RN my choice would be warfare officer, sub specialising in Mine countermeasures and diving. Divers in the navy are...
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    Operations and Tours 2016 Onwards

    Dear All, I'm currently going through the process of Officer Selection for the Int Corps, and I have some queries that this website seems best placed to answer. The essence of my question concerns i) how likely are genuine overseas operations over the next few years for all newly-trained...
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    TA medical versus regular medical

    Alright lads, I've been lurking for a while now and still haven't found an answer. I'm hoping to join the Intelligence Corps Reserves during uni (which for me will start in September), and then transfer to the regs after finishing my degree. My fitness and mental ability are both good, but...