1. BarcelonaAnalPark

    Int Cell Vs Incel

    I can only imagine the hilarity and consternation across the Army with the confusing similarities between the words "int cell" and "incel". Of course, one refers to those who are hostile to the sexually active, mainly-socially alienated men, sexless against personal choice, stigmatised because...
  2. G

    Operations and Tours 2016 Onwards

    Dear All, I'm currently going through the process of Officer Selection for the Int Corps, and I have some queries that this website seems best placed to answer. The essence of my question concerns i) how likely are genuine overseas operations over the next few years for all newly-trained...
  3. GleamingQunt

    Anyone transferred from Infantry to Int Corps before?

    Looking to get some information on transferring to the Intelligence Corps, from Infantry. Basically I'm wanting to do something different and would like to know what its like being transferred? Where the phase 2 (if it is that) training is conducted? Also if I'd have to go back to the depot for...
  4. R

    Int Corps - TST Score?

    Hey all, Firstly I'm new here, so if this is in the wrong section I apologize. I've been looking all over for an answer to my question, and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm wanting to know what the specific score on the TST part of selection is for a Intelligence Operative in the Int...