1. Kitchener

    Parachute regiment Insight course

    Good evening all Apologies if this has been answered but again I have found no result. After the Insight course do you get accepted into the regiment or is it more of a taster session? I was assuming that by doing the fitness tests and written exams that they would come to a conclusion...
  2. G

    RMAS Insight Day or RAF OASC?

    I am applying for a commission in both the RAF and Army, currently leaning towards Army, but have been given my RAF OASC date on the same day as the Insight Day at Sadhurst. Any advice from anyone, particularly on how worthwhile the Insight Day is? I will need to rearrange one, however the...
  3. TeamBox

    Joining the Army

    Hi I am looking to join the Army, I am looking at Signals Installation Technician, communication systems operator or the Engineer IT systems Operator role I was just after a bit of advice, I see the Royal Signals do an insight course over 5 days? Is this good for getting a bit more knowledge on...
  4. JockScot

    Army Insight Course Work Experience 2016