1. chuggafugga

    How Indians carry heavy baggage... on their head? Earth shows us how it is done

    I finally meet @earth and my mate paid him a pound to carry his heavily laden bag... on his head! Obviously one for the hole but after a stop over in Delhi I was on the way to Jalandhar where a mate of mine whom I had gifted a DPM Bergen too long ago was meeting me after he had some dental work...
  2. ArmyRugbyBeer

    de Havilland Mosquito

    Hi, Trying to find out a bit more about my grandfather in WWII. He was a mechanic by trade and when the war started he was deployed to India by the RAF in charge of maintaining and fixing the de Havilland Mosquito planes. All the information on Wikipedia goes over my head as I don't know much...
  3. Fang_Farrier

    The Indian Contingent

    This book tells the story of Force K6, comprising of 4 Mule companies and their support elements of the Royal Indian Army Service Corps from leaving India in 1939 until their return. My own interest is due to 2 of their members being interred in a local cemetery. The author has obviously gone...
  4. JINGO

    M48 Patton.

    The M48 is one of those MBTs that just seems to blend into the background of postwar armour. The limelight seems to be stolen by other more familiar machines. That is until you start to review it’s history and realise just how widespread it’s use has been and that perhaps the reason that it...
  5. Themanwho

    Action At Badama Post - The Third Afghan War

    “Action At Badama Post” relates a real life derring-do tale of British Forces in Afghanistan, centring around a downed RAF aircraft, and British and local troops’ efforts to rescue them against the efforts of a savage foe. Not unusual fare for a book review on Arrse you might think, until you...
  6. seaweed

    A Young British Officer in India

    In1845 the nineteen year old Ensign Charles Nedham, HM's 10th Foot(later Royal Lincolnshire Regiment) set out by sea to India to join his unit. He kept a journal and in 1849 made a fair copy of it, less whatever pages had been mislaid on his travels. The result has been edited for publication by...
  7. Dark_Nit

    Injuns taking over t'internet

    Not only do I see @earth's rantings and drivel on here, but now my Linkedin feed is showing this on a regular basis: And like earthy, no matter how many times I hide it, it keeps coming back.
  8. G

    A company 2nd Battalion of Artillery in Mercara, Madras, India

    I'm trying to find more information about the A company 2nd Battalion of Artillery in Mercara, Madras, India circa 1838, which an ancestor was a Gunner in. Searches on find my past, the national archives website and just plain googling finds either nothing or varying military units that are...
  9. chuggafugga

    India - How arrogant can a country's population get?

    I've spent quite a long length of my time in India observing racial sentiments, and after a good few years and reading up on open articles, I've now got a clearer idea in my head that India is more of a country which is turning quite arrogant as the eyes of the world turn to its incredibly fast...
  10. Nemesis44UK

    Indian student is gang-raped for revenge

    An Indian student has been gang-raped twice by the same men, the second time in revenge for her refusing to drop her case against them. EXCLUSIVE: Rapist gang told Indian student 'we've trapped you again' Poor woman.
  11. pinksniper

    No lightweight bullet-proof jackets for Indian Army as bureaucracy prevails!

    These jackets were required to effectively protect the head, neck, chest, groin and sides of soldiers as well as allow them to move with greater agility during counter-insurgency operations. India's infantry lacks even lightweight modular bullet-proof jackets a decade after the demand was...