images of war

  1. Auld-Yin

    Battle of Peleliu 1944 by Jim Moran

    An Images of War book While coming under the Images of War series, this book is so much more than the formulaic captioned photographs with a little bit of background. This book brings quite a detailed history of the Battle both before, during and some after. The animosity between the two...
  2. D

    Early Jet Fighters 1944 – 54.

    A soft back book of some 144 pages. The author describes the early development of the jet fighter within Europe from the early stages of World War Two into the early years of peace and the start of the Cold War. The book describes initially the effect of the talented designers from the German...
  3. Auld-Yin

    United States Marine Corps in Vietnam :

    This edition from the iconic Images of War series of books from Pen & Sword is a bit more substantial than many of the others in the series. While there are the usual plethora of photographs, many not seen before, the book also contains a lot of text explaining the role of the USMC in Vietnam...
  4. Joshua Slocum

    Images of War : Monte Cassino

    When I first saw this book, I fully expected to find it composed of photographic plates with a few words about the images and perhaps a small introduction, rather like a coffee table book. However I was pleasantly surprised, not having seen this particular format of book before to find that...