images of war series

  1. Bubbles_Barker

    Hell in the Central Pacific (The Palau Islands 1944)

    Review by @Bubbles_Barker Now, I confess this is much more my thing. The Images of War series has been around for a while and I think in general they do what they say on the tin – in other words they provide a photographic archive of specific campaigns or types of equipment and back it up with...
  2. overopensights

    Normandy Air War

    The book is mostly of images prior to, and during the D Day landings. There are some really good detailed shots, they’re not just a repeat of images seen many times before, but really good detailed interesting photographs of previously unseen images. All the characters; the big players are...
  3. Trilby

    Images of war: The French Army in the Great War

    According to the blurb, David Bilton's Images of war: The French Army in the Great War aims to "provide a highly readable account of the work of the French Army on the Western Front, as well as... a wealth of photographs that show the daily life of the French soldier" and to "...give a concise...