1. C

    Military Housing

    i want to live off camp after phase 2 and I am unsure how close I would have to live to my posting if I owned my own private property. I am joking the RMP and hoping to be posted to catterick
  2. W

    Marrid quarters at southwick

    Iv been given a posting down in Southwick Park. We have been housed in Paulsgrove are Can anyone tell us anything about the area.
  3. BarcelonaAnalPark

    Purple Bricks - Buying/Selling Property

    This is an online estate agents. The main attraction to using them is that their fees are tiny in comparison to estate agents which have an office to finance. Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, to share about using this company? One of their agents that I spoke to seemed to think...
  4. T


  5. M

    Cost of quarters

    Hi all, Looking for some help on working out the cost of quarters. Other half is in the process of re-enlisting after 8 years out. So will likely go back in at same rank (corporal). We have 4 kids. If he gets posted in the UK, probably Oxford or Aldershot, what would we be looking at paying...
  6. Bris

    Property; 1 hour from London

    Hi ladies/gents, I'm looking at buying myself a bachelor pad, somewhere within 1 hour [motorbike] commute of Canary Wharf. I'm looking at a 2 bed place, budget up to £200k. Ideally with covered parking or garage. Any ideas? I'm already sniffing around Rochester, bug anyone know anywhere...