1. Tappet

    Wifi range extender advice

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a house, and the Wifi router (in the living room) that came with the broadband doesn't reach too well onto the third floor, and there are bits of the second floor that are slightly ropey too. I'm looking for something fairly basic; I just want reliable wifi...
  2. D

    American Dual tax issue - house purchase

    Hi All, I'm marrying an American if this pandemic ever finishes. As part of this, we'll be buying a house together - luckily, she earns more than me, so we'll be able to afford a decently sized place, even though we're in London. Unfortunately, what with her being a Yankee and that, if her...
  3. Bris

    Rising Damp

    Hi All, I'm currently going through the process of buying a 2-bed ground floor/lower ground floor (built on a slope). Just got the Homebuyers Report, and there's a couple of walls which have rising damp; not ideal. What is the general consensus - buy & fix (and reduce my offer), run at all...