hong kong

  1. JINGO

    A weekend to Pack. The Fall Of Hong Kong 1940-45.

    A Weekend to Pack. With the first Far East deployment of a Royal Navy Carrier Group in this century it is interesting to take a look back to When Great Britain still had a significant Naval and military presence spread across the globe. This book touches on an aspect of the Second World War...
  2. RLR5456wainwri

    Looking For The Lancashire Regiment Prince of Wales volunteers 1959-1969

    Hi Am New On Here And Writing On Behalf Of My Dad Colin Wainwright My Dad Is Looking For Anyone Who Served With Him in , HONG KONG , GERMANY , ADEN, , CYPRUS My Dad Enlisted At Fullwood Barracks Preston On The 3rd Feb 1958 He Sailed Over To Hong Kong On A Ship From Plymouth. He Was In The...
  3. SurviveToFight

    Witnessing the End of an Era

    Regardless of my feelings about the man (and, for the record, I consider him to be an epic balloon), watching Trump leaving the White House for the last time made me feel a little melancholy. When I thought about this over a lock-down whisky, I realised that I've felt the same way on almost...