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  1. S

    Benefits Compliance telephone interview

    Looks for some advice please I have received a letter for a compliance interview. I am in receipt of ESA and had been working whilst in receipt of benefit I notified hmrc and wrote to the DWP when I started work last summer. I have since left the job as it was too much for me still as I still...
  2. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Deputy Security Engineer - Estates HMRC

    As Deputy Security Engineer, you’ll play a vital role in the success of an ambitious transformation programme to build a new modern, digitally enabled estate - and help us create the best Estates department in Government. For further information click here
  3. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Estates Guarding Services Team Member

    Estates Guarding Services Team Member Worthing £16,453 plus Annual Attendance Allowance of around 22-25% of basic salary. This is reviewed on an annual basis. Enhance the wellbeing of the HMRC Estate team. Click here for further details
  4. CptDanjou

    HMRC Question

    If a company canteen charges two different prices for meals , ie employees get lower prices than contractors using the canteen (upto 50%) are the employees benefiting and would tax be due on the benefit?