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    Ideas for Remembrance Day 2021

    Hi all, Seeking ideas from the wealth of knowledge that exists here. This year’s remembrance service theme is to recall the sacrifices as well as inspirational stories of service personnel in the lesser known/publicised conflicts that the UK and Commonwealth has been engaged in. This is not...
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    Truly of the Few – the Polish Air Force in the Defence of Britain

    This is a book on a neglected subject – the contribution the Poles made to the British war effort in the Second World War. Although Poland capitulated to the Nazis, it never surrendered. The Polish government in exile continued to function in London, and the great majority of the Polish Air...
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    Looking for advice uniform ww2

    Hello, I want to expand my collection by buying a uniform from ww2. (In parts, I don't need to buy it all at once). I was thinking about a British or German infantry uniform. (I know German uniforms are more expensive). Does anyone has a uniform they would recommend I look for/advice? Edit to...
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    And We Were Young. Oundle School and the Great War

    Every once in a while, a great opportunity arises. The chance to review a book by an old school teacher of mine – and finally to have my revenge for all those school reports along the lines of “moderate/might do better” and “C/B borderline” – was too good to miss, particularly since I could...