historical fiction

  1. ancienturion

    The Bastille Spy

    In 1789, Attica Morgan an English spy, dressed in rags has been captured by slave traders and is held in a slave market in St Petersburg where her hidden weapons enable her to release herself, kill the guard and enable the escape of one Gaspard de Mayennes and several female slaves. After...
  2. sirbhp


    Dreadfully injured in the Arnhem landings, paratrooper Theo Trickey was never expected to survive. In the aftermath of defeat, captured Medical Officer Captain Daniel Garland pulled Trickey's comatose body from a pile of copses, keeping him alive as they were shipped to a prisoner-of-war camp in...
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    The Reckoning

    London, 1813 and a killer is targeting young women, all of whom have been mutilated. Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood is summoned to an open grave adjacent to a hospital. In the pouring rain he is at first inclined to pay little heed to the discovery of a corpse until he realises that the...
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    Master of War: Scourge of Wolves

    Blackstone and his bastard horse are back! It is the winter of 1362 in France, in return for his freedom from the English King, John the Good, King of France has ceded huge areas of his kingdom to Edward of England and Blackstone, Sir Gilbert and the archers have been tasked with the job of...