1. I

    Phoney Charity Collector

    Morning/evening all. My name is Holly and I run a Facebook page called Incidents in North Yorkshire (hence the username) and it has been brought to my attention that there is a fake charity collector for Help for Heroes wandering around Catterick Garrison who has also been seen in Newcastle. I...
  2. Goatman

    New CEO for Help for Heroes- Aug 2016

    For those with an interest who may not have seen - and for the 'the good and benefit of the Troop' Hon Members declaration of interest: I took part in the original Battlefield Bike Ride and have swum in the pool built with some of the early money raised. Also run marathons for both Combat...
  3. B

    Shamelessly asking for your hard earned cash

    I have set my podgy civilian self and 3 useless chums the task of the three Welsh peaks challenge for late March. The chosen charity is help for heroes and any donations or publicity you could give us would be most appreciated. I'm sure resting with the knowledge that there's a ginger, 2...