1. C

    Maths exam during basic training

    I completed my basic training back in 2011 at Bassingbourne. When I was there I had to sit a maths exam as part of the training. I didn’t receive a certificate from the test people but have proof I passed it from my discharge papers. How would I go about getting hold of this qualification as I...
  2. 1

    Can’t promote no matter how much I do!

    Warning, another bitter Pte thread! Seriously though, could gen do with some advice here as my morale ain’t sitting too pretty. Bit about myself, joined at 26 having quit an office management job so nearly 31 now. Idea when joining is just to progress through the ranks ASAP and pick up some...
  3. Jordan8w

    Assessment Centre tips. September 2020.

    Hello all! Im currently awaiting the date to go to my assessment centre which unfortunately has been dragged out to the Corona-virus pandemic. :( Im just looking for help and advice on the assessment centre. Ive been keeping fit and have just started revising maths again as its been 5 years...
  4. Kash_Tendies

    Anyone recommend any kit items for Training?

    So I know this sort of thread gets posted a lot but I start phase 1 in a few weeks and I was hoping some of you could give me some advice on miscellaneous kit I might want to bring. so I’ve got all the items listed on the official army kit list I.e. wash kit, towels, boot polish kit etc. and...
  5. I

    need help answering a question my recruiter couldnt!!

    im joining the army as infantry in august, i was told i could join the paras or 'request' to move after my training to do the para course is this accurate because im confused? and my recruiter is no help.
  6. M

    Honest advice needed.

    First of all I want to thank anyone who has taken the time to read this and replay, I really mean it. Thank you. So to cut a long story short I’m 26 Turing 27 in August, and really want to join the paras. There’s just one thing holding me back, am I too old? I’m in ok shape and very mentally...
  7. S

    Anyone know how you’d STOP a GAYE payment from salary please?

    Hello guys, been a long lurker to this site for a long time without registering! Long story short I agreed to donate £2 per month to my Corps museum at the start of phase 2 training. I ticked the ‘1 year’ option. Forward over 2 years from then and the £2 per month is still coming out of my...
  8. Terrafir

    Is it better to join at 16 or 18?

    So I want to join, I'm currently 16. I obviously need my parents permission and so they are asking lots of questions that I need some answers t but cannot find the answers for anywhere online. They want to know what the differences are between joining at 16 vs 18? So far I know that the amount...
  9. C

    Rift tax refund for ftrs (fc)

    Does anyone know if FTRS (full commitment) is eligible for tax refunds for travel to work? I just got told by Rift that it wasn’t but the woman didn’t really seem to know what FTRS is and that wouldn’t make sense considering you are on the same contract as a regular for the period?
  10. M

    Leaving the army????????

    Thank you for reading this post first time in doing something like this. I am after some help/ advice on a situation. I am a current serving soldier at the rank of Sgt in the army (just over 12 years in) and been thinking about getting out for about 2 years now. Keep saying to myself just...
  11. H

    AFCS Tribunal won - Vets UK appeal

    Hi All, I have been progressing over the last few years with AFCS, and have finally been awarded the level I believed I deserved. But, I find myself in a grey area with timings at this point onwards, with neither Vets UK, RBL or paymaster being able to assist, so I ask this knowledgable forum...
  12. jaea

    1st Posting after Trade Training

    can anyone help with a query about my first posting. i’m from colchester and i’d like to be based around the south, south/east. i’m currently in training to be a reme vm. my question is should i be based in good old colchester for first posting? what would that entail, p company? and is...
  13. DieWespe

    Need help Identifying a Shell Casing Headstamp

    I bought this curious lil' thing in a memorabilia shop, and I would like to know what sort of weapon it came from. The shell itself has 'Fleury' stencilled on it, suggesting it's from Fleury-devant-Douaumont, a village that was razed to the ground during the Battle of Verdun. The area was...
  14. YoungJulius

    Infantry officer to REME officer? / train to be an officer in REME?

    Hi all, my first thread on here so excuse my lack of knowledge. I recently had a talk with a corporal in the army (through the cadets) and got to ask many questions, which kind of cemented my want to join the army. I initially wanted to join as an officer straight out of college but then I...
  15. J

    Catterick training

    Hi so I have my assessment on the 10th of June and if I pass I should be joining on the 30th of june. Just wondering if anyone will be joining that day too. Not to sure what to bring and expect apart from from whatever research I can get off the internet and YouTube. Just a little heads up would...
  16. J

    Royal engineers or artillery?

    Okay so im on the army reserves while i finish my level 2 diploma in bricklaying and my gcse maths in college, I want to go full time bit can't decide wether as a sapprt or Gunner, it makes sense that because I'm already learning a trade that I just want to do a different role but it also makes...
  17. R

    Looking for a Rescue Dog? Channel 4 documentary series wants to hear from you!

    Hello all, Bit of a random one, do bear (woof) with me - I work for an independent TV production company and we're making a Channel 4 primetime documentary series which will follow the stories of rescue dogs and the people who want to re-home them. I'd really like to spread the message out...
  18. The_Unstoppable

    High Blood Pressure

    Are you allowed in the army with high higher blood pressure, considering it in no way affects you and you have never needed medication for such reason?
  19. E

    British Army - Scrutiny TMU

    Hello all, wondering if anyone can help me, i had applied for the British army, but i was not successful due to medical records and received a letter titled 'Scrutiny Temporally Medically Unfit', because this says temporally unfit does this mean i can apply again at a later date?, i plan to...
  20. B

    Do I need to bring a prescription with me to the Medical test and drug tests?

    Hey guys I’m 15 and I’m currently on medication containing codiene for the pain, I’m worried that this will show positive for heroin in my drugs test but I can’t just stop a few days before (I assume it’s a urine test) as I’ll be in a bit of pain, I don’t know if I’ll still be on medication then...
  21. E

    Help identifying military badge

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody could help me identify the attached badge. It belonged to my Great Uncle who has sadly passed away this week and so we would love to be able to find out more about it so we can mention this at his funeral last week. The only information I know is that he was only...
  22. JNM

    Quick training HIIT help

    I’m Going to the assessment centre in 2-8 weeks and I’m planning on doing more HIIT to boost my fitness and shave hopefully a minute or two off my run time depending on the assessment date, wondering if the following would be a good schedule. Morning and evening sessions Day 1 - 1 session...
  23. B

    Genuine question, genuine answer

    Afternoon, Looking for some closure. I discharged from phase 2 at week 8 I think, reasons being - I felt it was the quickest and easier way for me to retrade and sort a few other potential problems back home. Anyway, my next intake will mark a record 13 weeks out of training and relisted back...
  24. U

    Fixing Brown Boots - Help needed

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone could help me out and shine a little advice on how i could fix my brown boots. I have a set of Brown Karrimor SF boots that i stupidly followed the advice to use Kiwi Dark Tan on them and now they are the Dreaded Maroon colour. How do i Strip the boot and remove...
  25. S

    Family appeal for murdered Royal Marine

    The family of murdered Royal Marine Carl Davies are asking for people to sign a petition for the UK government to raise the case with the French authorities...
  26. M

    Forces Help To Buy

    Hi everyone. I am thinking very seriously about leaving the army, but have a FHTB loan. Does anybody have any info on what happens regarding the loan if I leave, any information would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards
  27. warty_melon

    Forklift Engineers/Fitters/Mechanics/Electricians

    Apologies MODS if I've posted in the wrong area, just trying to help a brother or sister. First job I applied for I got the position, being an amputee this was mega, however I digress, Neckar Forklifts near Windsor are looking for Ex Forces with any experience in Mechanical & Electrical...
  28. T

    Reserve to regs

    Hi, I’ve been in the infantry reserve for little over a year now and was wondering if anyone has any info on transferring to regs I.e. how much training I will need to do if any... looking at joining artillery of that makes any difference? Any info appreciated
  29. F

    British Army Website Isn't Working... help please

    So I start filling in my application, get to the end of the first page, hit "Save for later". Now any time I go back to the MoD Army website where you fill out the application form, I tap "Start Your Application", have to sign in again (despite being already signed in, as indicated by the...
  30. d3adp1zzab0y

    Tattoos At AFC Harrogate

    hello, I am currently at school doing GCSEs and have already sent in my application for Harrogate. i'm waiting to hear back about my interview and selection day but have a question about tattoos. I love tattoos, and i've wanted them since i was really young. Last year i thought "what's the...
  31. S

    Questions Before Signing-up First Time

    Hi! I've read ARRSE before but never actually had to post, I'm 18 and I've been looking at joining the reserves to fill in my spare time (My college BTEC Architecture course is only Mon/Tue and my gf is flexible). I'm down in Dorset and am lucky to have many facilities close by (Bovington camp...
  32. P

    new to SPS

    New to this and no one to help so going crow mode. I'm a scab, and a clark, just starting out and the support is non existant, as their retention is shit, which is reasonable. I'm having massive issues with finding infomation, in a perfect world i can find someone within the SPS and they can...
  33. M

    Interview, GCSEs, accepted into role - help

    if you pass the maths and English test at the 2 day interview, but don't have the maths and English gcse needed for your chosen role(s) will the army see pass the 'bad' grades and let you in?? If so, dose the army provide maths and English training to achieve the grades you need? Thank you
  34. L

    Pre-interview Document HELP

    Ok so i have my interview tomorrow and i have a few questions left to answer and i've looked everywhere for the answers and have found nothing. 1 what is the amount of leave given for phase one training for REME, RAC and Royal Signals? i don't know if its six weeks for all of them or if thats...
  35. 1

    Bmi over limit at phase 1??

    Hi I'm 16 and set to start at Harrogate for the long course on the 1st of October. I recently weighed myself and realised that I will be over the limit of 27 and won't have enough time to loose enough weight before I start. The reason I put on weight is that I let myself go a bit as it was my...
  36. MoonMan

    Ironing Kit

  37. Ilbmgirl

    Big issues. Poc are there but Investigation started.

    Good evening to all of you! First im german my german is poor but good enough to talk in person to native english speakers. I hope the ones who want to help me with some infos out are patient. Hope im right here. My Boyfriend is married. He nd his wife are already separated (i talked to her...
  38. Ilbmgirl

    Big issues. Poc are there but Investigation started.

    Good evening to all of you! First im german my german is poor but good enough to talk in person to native english speakers. I hope the ones who want to help me with some infos out are patient. Hope im right here. My Boyfriend is married. He nd his wife are already separated (i talked to her...
  39. Couragethecowardlydog

    Soldier -> Officer OR straight to Officer training??

    Hi guys, been pondering on joining the army for a few months now and after some research, I've begun the joining process. I am still at University so my original plan was to join as a Reserve Officer. I'm interested in the Int Corps who the army careers lot have said is at 120% capacity so are...
  40. D

    Some questions I still have...

    Hello, First of all I'd like to apologise for the more than likely long winded and large post I am about to do, it has to be like this because all the questions I have seem to have around 4 different answers on different forums and the actual Army website! So I decided to go for it and go and...