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  2. J

    Treatment in EU (while it lasts)

    I'm putting this up as I've recently been told I need a hip replacement but the queue in the NHS is 18-months plus. There are schemes in the NHS where they will pay for your treatment in another EU country under their public health service. The one route most people are aware of is the E111...
  3. Johnnhoj

    Undiagnosed Asthma

    A good friend of mine has been in the Army Reserve for a number of years. In recent times particularly in the night times he has informed me that he has suffered with wheezing and shortage of breath. This is particularly in the summer months where the pollen count is higher than the norm, in...
  4. I

    Appealing a deferral ("migraines")

    I am a 16 year old male (nearly 17) whom have been looking to join the British Army for literally years. I have done my fair share of research into my chosen Regiment and have been preparing myself for AFC Harrogate for quite a while. I just came back from my Selection at ATC Pirbright after...
  5. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Step Into Health

    The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the biggest employers in Europe and employs more than one million people in a surprising variety of jobs and apprenticeships. For more information CLICK HERE
  6. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Clinical Apprentice

    Have you considered an Apprenticeship to kick start your career? Are you caring, compassionate and looking to take your first step into a clinical career in the NHS? For more information - CLICK HERE
  7. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Sales Manager Required

    We are looking for a hardworking individual to create new business. NO PREVIOUS SALES EXPERIENCE REQUIRED BUT STRONG INTEREST IN HEALTH AND FITNESS For more information CLICK HERE
  8. K

    Impact of service later in life

    We are conducting a research study which will explore how people’s careers affect their health and wellbeing later on in life. We aim to see if military service may have a different impact on health and wellbeing in later life or not. The study will include military veterans and non-veterans and...
  9. J

    How can I improve my running time

    So ive applied for the British army and I ve been running for around 2 months, prior to then I did little to no exercise. When I first started running I was getting 1.5 miles in around 14 minutes, whereas now I ve got it down to 12 minutes 14. 3 weeks ago I changed my running programme to...
  10. C

    Impact of deployment on mental health of military partners...

    I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this, so please feel free to delete/ignore... My husband is serving in the air force but the first time he was deployed to Afghanistan I was his girlfriend and just starting my doctorate in clinical psychology. The "support" (I didn't get...
  11. N

    Medical rejection

    Hi everyone I applied in the TA back in 2014 and got medically rejected during my selection process, right after I was rejected I took all the possible routes they gave me to appeal for it and I did, they gave me a weekly plan to fill out what activities I do. Since I told them I sprained my...
  12. thegimp

    Hunt imposes new contract on Junior Doctors 11/02/16

    Thought this deserves its own thread. I believe/hope this is a watershed moment, when everyone wakes up and decides that they'll be next for bending over a barrel. I hope so Facebook I feel like I should be shouting "it's a trap" It's pretty much how the dissection of the NHS in to a...