1. I

    Appealing a deferral ("migraines")

    I am a 16 year old male (nearly 17) whom have been looking to join the British Army for literally years. I have done my fair share of research into my chosen Regiment and have been preparing myself for AFC Harrogate for quite a while. I just came back from my Selection at ATC Pirbright after...
  2. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Step Into Health

    The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the biggest employers in Europe and employs more than one million people in a surprising variety of jobs and apprenticeships. For more information CLICK HERE
  3. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Clinical Apprentice

    Have you considered an Apprenticeship to kick start your career? Are you caring, compassionate and looking to take your first step into a clinical career in the NHS? For more information - CLICK HERE
  4. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Sales Manager Required

    We are looking for a hardworking individual to create new business. NO PREVIOUS SALES EXPERIENCE REQUIRED BUT STRONG INTEREST IN HEALTH AND FITNESS For more information CLICK HERE
  5. K

    Impact of service later in life

    We are conducting a research study which will explore how people’s careers affect their health and wellbeing later on in life. We aim to see if military service may have a different impact on health and wellbeing in later life or not. The study will include military veterans and non-veterans and...
  6. J

    How can I improve my running time

    So ive applied for the British army and I ve been running for around 2 months, prior to then I did little to no exercise. When I first started running I was getting 1.5 miles in around 14 minutes, whereas now I ve got it down to 12 minutes 14. 3 weeks ago I changed my running programme to...
  7. C

    Impact of deployment on mental health of military partners...

    I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this, so please feel free to delete/ignore... My husband is serving in the air force but the first time he was deployed to Afghanistan I was his girlfriend and just starting my doctorate in clinical psychology. The "support" (I didn't get...
  8. N

    Medical rejection

    Hi everyone I applied in the TA back in 2014 and got medically rejected during my selection process, right after I was rejected I took all the possible routes they gave me to appeal for it and I did, they gave me a weekly plan to fill out what activities I do. Since I told them I sprained my...
  9. thegimp

    Hunt imposes new contract on Junior Doctors 11/02/16

    Thought this deserves its own thread. I believe/hope this is a watershed moment, when everyone wakes up and decides that they'll be next for bending over a barrel. I hope so Facebook I feel like I should be shouting "it's a trap" It's pretty much how the dissection of the NHS in to a...