1. J

    Harrogate to paras

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how long after Harrogate u do prac and the start phase 2 training if you are going into the paras.
  2. B

    I just need closure

    Hello all, This is my first post. and I am just writing this really to confirm something so it doesn't eat away at me. So I have an Assessment center date booked for the 24th-25th of September and I am looking to be going to AFC Harrogate October 3rd I am just wondering if this will still be...
  3. Terrafir

    Is it better to join at 16 or 18?

    So I want to join, I'm currently 16. I obviously need my parents permission and so they are asking lots of questions that I need some answers t but cannot find the answers for anywhere online. They want to know what the differences are between joining at 16 vs 18? So far I know that the amount...
  4. YoungJulius

    Infantry officer to REME officer? / train to be an officer in REME?

    Hi all, my first thread on here so excuse my lack of knowledge. I recently had a talk with a corporal in the army (through the cadets) and got to ask many questions, which kind of cemented my want to join the army. I initially wanted to join as an officer straight out of college but then I...
  5. Povey

    Job Dilemma

    Hello, I'm am about to go to Harrogate but didn't get a say in my job choice as there was only one place left, in the artillery. (I did this to get my foot in the door as I didn't want to enter adult training at 17.) I want to do a mechanical job because that's what interests me but I also...
  6. d3adp1zzab0y

    Tattoos At AFC Harrogate

    hello, I am currently at school doing GCSEs and have already sent in my application for Harrogate. i'm waiting to hear back about my interview and selection day but have a question about tattoos. I love tattoos, and i've wanted them since i was really young. Last year i thought "what's the...
  7. T

    How much of the time is spent doing academic subjects?

    Hi, as suggested by my earlier posts I am looking at going to Harrogate in September 2018 and at the careers office I was told I would also do English and Maths while I was there, But my question is how much of a week would be spent on these subjects would it be every day or just once a week?
  8. C

    Medical form. Application to join.

    I've applied to join the army (with intentions of going to AFC Harrogate in September 2018). I have a few things to ask: 1) I've taken the Medical form for my GP to fill in (where they enclose my medical history) but they said it could take up to 2 weeks for them to sort it. How will I know when...
  9. theadamsfamily._sufc

    How successful is a deferral appeal for not attending selection?

    New to this forum so sorry if I do anything wrong but here goes: I went to army selection a few months back in Pirbright, with hopes of going to AFC Harrogate in September for an infantry role. I made it through all of selection and I got to the interview, my overall result was I got deferred...
  10. R


    Hello, I have recently attended my local selection board at pirbright and I passed. However at my selection they asked about anxiety and back problems. I used to suffer from both but when I made my medical declaration it wasn't on my records. Since though I went to my doctor about it just to...
  11. Kegger_Ross

    Need help with interview questions

    I am going to the army brief and candidate discussion tomorrow and was looking for advice. This is to go to Harrogate AFC in September I hope to go into REME but I am still unsure on which role I would go in as. I also would like advice on types of questions to ask the interviewer. This is the...
  12. Dannyy.simo

    Urgent!! Fracture before training

    Basically I've passed my selection and everything, and I'm just waiting to go to Harrogate on 25th September, but about 3 weeks back almost a month I fractured my foot nothing serious and it should be healed fully ten days before start date, but should I ring them up to tell them or just leave...
  13. G

    Harrogate or as levels

    I'm come to a point on wether I want to go to Harrogate or join a sixth form college and get AS levels, I don't want to do a levels. I have no intention of becoming an officer with the exception of possibly joining in later army career. I want to join the rifles and I'm wondering wether to join...
  14. M


    I've got some enquiries, I've said I wish to join sappers as fabricator to get that trade then achieve my end goal as EOD specialist , I then found out that sappers do the more uxb stuff than modern counter explosives, I then proceeded to look into the rlc ammunition technician. However through...
  15. M

    What is a clerk of works?

    The website only gives so much and I know I sound like a dick to ask this. I'm viewing more on the construction side, I've heard they help with design, does that mean they help with drawing and the ideas behind what it is.
  16. M

    Junior entry selection

    I saw a video about the ADSC which has proven how easy it is for me to get deferred there. I decided, just under two years early, to start getting prepared, I'm 14 and hoping to join as a sapper, I'm in the acf as a lance jack currently but I wish to join junior entry, i ain't the fittest ******...
  17. M

    Infantry enquiry

    I'm hoping to join Harrogate in the next year or so and I'm hoping to join the paras or the guards,m y questions to myself are should I join paras, reg infantry or LD, I like ceremonial but im still deciding on wether or not I would personally want to make a living of it, my main concern is that...
  18. M

    Jobs after infantry

    I'd love to do infantry, in cadets I loved it even though it was only basic, my main issue is when I leave then what can I do, I've CNT level 2 in it, GCSE engineering and an nvq in engineering ops (can't remember the level) if I went to Harrogate I would get two more qualifications, I'm stuck...
  19. T

    Light gunner or observation?

    Instead of going cavalry, I'm going to the gunfuckers, min issue is which role, I've got my eyes set on light gunner or observer. Could I have some advice on this and also could I change if I wanted to?
  20. T

    What is brigade reconnaissance?

    I may be joining the QDG soon but I'm wondering, what is brigade reconnaissance? Will I get bored with it? Is it worth doing that or joining the light dragoons. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  21. M

    Tips for junior

    I'm joining Harrogate soon into the sappers, I'm wondering for any tips. If you must know I'm joining as a fabricator.
  22. M

    Armoured engineer

    I may be joining Harrogate soon and I'm hoping to join the Royal Engineers as an Armoured Engineer. Can anyone give as much information as possible about the trade and more importantly, what about after service and I go to civvy street? I doubt somehow that they use the Titan there so what about...
  23. G

    Rifles waiting list

    I've heard that to join the rifles there's a waiting list, why? How long is it? Does this stop me from joining at 16? Is it possible to fastrack? Thanks for support.
  24. Trasky

    Army Brief and AFC Harrogate September 2K16

    I've got my army brief next week, if I get through everything then I'm on the September intake. Anyone else in the same shoes as me or have any advice? Thanks in advance. I'm sort of confused about what the brief is, is this basically the interview where they would talk to you about everything?