1. Bad CO

    A New Adventure in Military Wear – HAIX Announces COMMANDER GTX Combat Boots

    Just had this press release in. Obviously I'll be seeing if I can get a pair to review! HAIX, specialist manufacturer of functional safety footwear, announces its latest addition to its range of rugged and hardwearing military boots – the COMMANDER GTX. Armed forces personnel are on the move...
  2. G

    New brown desert Haix?

    Good evening, I am new. With weak English. You must forgive. I came across Haix shoes this way described in the online shop: „ Haix shoes Military British the Desert Combat High Liability Art latest model. 206401 New - the II Kind. (…) Shoes in the latest model used from 2018 by the British...
  3. Haix

    How to Reduce Long Term Foot Issues

    In the past 5 years, sales of men’s footwear have risen by nearly 10%, and British men are now spending £1.46billion a year on shoes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, British women spend more on their footwear - £2.39 billion per year. Footwear is clearly something we are all prepared to invest in and...
  4. Bad CO

    Gucci Brown Boot Polish Giveaway

    We've been working with Haix and to celebrate the launch of the HAIX Active Brown Boot Polish they're giving away 50 to members of ARRSE. Following customer feedback, this polish has been developed to compliment the Sun Reflect system within HAIX footwear that reduces the effects of leather and...
  5. jockparamedic

    Haix Boot Trial

    New Boots arrived today. First impressions are good. Not a fan of the issue Haix boots but these look and feel a whole lot better. (Don't look like a pair of wellies) Size is slightly larger than issue boots (7) i.e. Altbergs but once i put my orthotic insoles in and shoved a pair of thick wooly...