1. S

    Would Sandhurst consider accepting me based on work/ life experience and predicted A Level grades?

    Hi there, The pandemic has allowed me to re-asses my career path and I am 100% determined on getting in, but I understand that the cut off age for Sandhurst is 28yrs,11 months. I turn 27 this September 1st... I've just started an online A level course and have been told I should have...
  2. C

    Becoming an RGR officer

    On my mothers side of the family, all the men are millitary and the majority of them are in the Gurkhas(mainly Indian Gurkhas I think although i know one was in the signaporean). I want to carry on this tradition and join the Royal Gurkha Rifles. From what ive gathered from speaking to army...
  3. Auld-Yin

    Reasonable Doubt

    This is a good old fashioned thriller which actually lives up to this claim. The hero is a former Gurkha officer, Harry Parker, who still has links to his former comrades. This is the second book featuring this character, but this is a completely stand-alone book with few references back to the...
  4. J

    Gurkha Paras/Commandos?

    Can the Gurkhas do the AACC or P Coy and earn the green/maroon beret. I have seen pictures of Gurkhas wearing these berets with the Royal Gurkha Regiment cap badge but cannot find any information on it. Thanks