1. D

    SNLR Gurkha Pension Query

    I am posting on behalf of an ex-gurkha who was discharged under SNLR qn's para a month before he became eligible for the gurkha pension scheme (AFPS75). Can anyone tell me if he will loose 'the nearly' 15 years of service or is he due a pension of some sort. It was not explained to him...
  2. Nemesis44UK

    Operation Janus

    Operation Janus by JP Cross “Operation Janus” by JP Cross tells the fictional (with a few sprinkles of fact) story of Alan Hinlea, an officer with a balanced view of the world – he has chips on both his shoulders. Aggrieved at post-WW2 colonialism and the upper class snobbism that he sees in...
  3. Forces Digital

    The Ultimate Guide To Properly Wearing Your Beret..

    The beret remains an unusually complicated piece of equipment, given it’s essentially a leather-rimmed bag of coloured wool felt. We examine the headgear's history alongside the many forms it has taken atop heads in the British Armed Forces. The Ultimate Guide To Properly Wearing Your Beret