1. Captain_Crusty

    Alan Brooke: Churchill's Right-Hand Critic

    Lord Alan Brooke was the Chief of the Imperial General Staff (CIGS) throughout the majority of WW2. He was Churchill's key military adviser, yet few, outside of the military or academia, have heard of him. Little has been written about him, specifically, previously and historians writing about...
  2. Captain_Crusty

    Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars - A Concise Dictionary 1792 - 1815

    Kevin F Kiley is a retired US Marine Corps artillery officer who has written a number of other books on Napoleonic artillery and generals. This book, though, is his magnus opus. It is exactly what it says on the cover - a dictionary of everything you need to know about the artillery during the...
  3. V

    Help! Guard of honours request for my dads funeral

    Hello all, I’m hoping someone can help me. Sadly my dad lost his fight to cancer yesterday and we are all heartbroken and want to make his funeral as special as possible he was so proud to have been in the army he was in the Gunners as a bomberde. Is it possible to have a guard of honour as his...
  4. C


    19yo female recently been looking into roles so I’m prepared when I visit the Army centre and know roughly what regiment I’m aiming to work towards. Read over The British Army website and other sources mulitiple times but can’t seem to find clear answers to my questions so here I am. Cut a long...
  5. Asmod


    Good evening all. So I have been looking at different areas of the army to try and find which role would be best for me. I was previously looking at Infantry or Armoured Engineers, but I have just been skimming over the Army website role finder and found a new role I haven’t seen before, a...
  6. B

    I've been offered a job as a special OP, should i take it?

    Ive done my barb test today and i was told i should go for a special observer, is it something i should consider because i cant find as much information on it as other roles. My other job i had on mind was infantry then later recce but I'm hanging fire on that.
  7. P

    Gunner crewman to UAV pilot whats the chance after the phases

    Hi all My lad has passed his selection and now thinking about changing his option to gunner crewman as this is the only way to get to be a UAV pilot (drone) . If he does his phase 1 n 2 what will be his chances if he does ok through them is it hard to get in and do it ? He is also cp3 colour...
  8. M

    Joining the Royal Artillery as a woman

    Hello, First time posting so hopefully I've posted on the right forum. So I plan on joining the royal artillery, got to pass selection atm, anyway I'm a she, do women get treated the same as men when doing the jobs? I'm going for the light gunner, just waned to know what's life as a light gunner...
  9. J

    What would happen if someone is shot in the head by a .50Cal Desert Eagle?

    Hello Guys best wishes for 2017 ! My name is justin I live in the Netherlands! I have seen the movie deadpool! And I play the game for Cal of duty! Well I i do a kind of fictional and curious research! Do you see this Picture from a. 50Action express Desert eagle? Look also this short video...
  10. B

    Light gunner or AS90 gunner?

    Im applying soon and im not sure if i want to be a light gunner or an AS90 armoured gunner, anyone have any advice?