gulf war

  1. dockers

    Desert Storm 1991

    DESERT STORM 1991 The most shattering air campaign in history Buy from Amazon Dr Richard P Hallion [Illustrated by Adam Tooby] Osprey Publishing 2022 ISBN 9781472846969 Dr Richard Hallion is an American author who has published several book on pilots, aeroplanes and air power. He has held...
  2. Auld-Yin

    To Kuwait and Back by Garry Paton

    “The Story of a Tank Troop”. The author brings an excellent story of one tank in one troop that went to Gulf One. A tank driver in 3 Troop, D Sqn Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Paton draws a very vivid picture of a young man preparing for and going to war. In this book he tells us all about his...
  3. W21A

    SAS – Bravo Three Zero.

    Des Powell was a member of the Parachute Regiment who got selected for the SAS and during a twenty year career with 'Them' he was involved in Op Granby as part of the Scud hunting patrols Bravo One Zero, Bravo Two Zero and Bravo Three Zero. Damien Lewis has been a war reporter over two decades...
  4. Iraq December 2006 demos-bday-xmasparty

    Iraq December 2006 demos-bday-xmasparty

    December Saddam Hussein was Hung, many soldiers lost their lives and many Injured did'nt seem much like Celebrating a million miles away from home.
  5. sirbhp

    Eye of the Storm

    Peter Ratcliffe served in the SAS for twenty-five years. Blooded in Oman in the 1970s, he also saw action in Northern Ireland, in the Falklands War, and in the Gulf campaign. From his early days in the Paras to his time as Regimental Sergeant Major in the Gulf, he has lived and fought by the...