great war

  1. Robbo_72

    14-18 Now - When the arts do The Great War

    Still now sure what to make of this. I imagine it will trump all other school activities aimed at teaching about the conflict since it appears to focus on Women, millions of africans, draft dodgers, spanish flu and Communists! Has anybody seen the film that is on the site? Season 2018 - 14-18...
  2. guzzijon

    Made In The Great War.

    Purely by chance I heard this story on the radio the other day. Basically a folk musician- Sam Sweeney- picked up what looked like a new fiddle on display at an Oxford luthier's workshop. On closer inspection he saw it was marked 1915 and Richard S. Howard. Interest piqued he bought it and...
  3. dotterel

    The Glorious Dead

    Hi, I wonder if members of the forum might be interested in my latest book project. It's a WW1 book but with a difference - the action only starts when the guns stop firing! There are books about Ypres, The Somme, Gallipoli & Verdun but there has never been a WW1 book quite like this one. It's...