1. L

    Grading, SJAR, WISMIS

    Looking for some advice on a grading board. I have been WISMIS sick at home since April 2021 after a nasty accident at work and have only just recently returned to work. I have been in work for 2 weeks and yesterday was put into the Bombardier grading board. What I want to know is how is it...
  2. U

    Cpl - Sgts Board

    Hi, What’s more important on your SJAR? Ive been given my SJAR with a good recommend but not solid. “I would employ him as a supervisor at the earliest opportunity”. However I’ve graded an A- with 1up “High” next employment “Tp Sgt - High”. There are people I’ve seen with what I would...
  3. o_1_s

    Can a P8/S8 grading change?

    Is it possible for a solider with a P8/S8 grading to to be upgraded to a P0/S0? with long term improvements e.g evidence of year since last “episode” been off of all medication for 6 months and been discharged from the DCMH for over a year? will this evidence of improvements be in your...