gip adjustment

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    Chances of recieving a 50% or 75% GIP at my tribunal ?

    I was medically discharged after serving 12 yrs in the infantry "Green Jackets/Rifles" and 7 tours and medically discharged in 2013 due to PTSD and induced hearing loss both the Army have admitted liability for, I've since had skin cancer in 2018 and X2 operations to removed it, again the Army...
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    GIP Offset and AFPS 75 SIP

    Hi all, I did spend a good couple of hours searching for some information here. I have not found a suitable answer therefore, putting this query to those learned ones here. If a 46 years old SP who has done 26 years is medically discharged under Tier 1 Tariff 11 with a GIP, how is this GIP...