1. seaweed

    The Other Norfolk Admirals

    This is a triple biography of three of the Royal Navy's fighting admirals, all of whom came from a small area on the north Norfolk coast, Christopher Myngs (1625–1666), John Narbrough (c. 1640–1688 ), and Cloudesley Shovell (1650-1707). Myngs (who died of wounds after the Four Days Battle) and...
  2. CptDanjou

    Gibraltar & Brexit ?

    WTF is going on in Brussells with regards to Gib ? I thought it was nothing to do with Europe any more than the rest of the UK? Brexit: Outrage as Spain and EU accused of taking back Gibraltar
  3. TheAllSeeingEye

    United Services Lodge #3813 (Gibraltar) centenary year

    Firstly my apologies for a new account / first post in a place that might not be appropriate. 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the United Services Lodge in Gibraltar. As the name indicates, this began as a tri-Service lodge, although these days there are no serving members...