german army

  1. RBMK

    Images of War, Brandenburger - Wartime Photographs of Wilhelm Walther

    This was a “bonus book” sent to me for review on top of the books which I'd made a bid for and so I came to it with no preconceptions. For those who don't know, the Brandenburger are the German equivalent of UK Commandos. To quote from the introduction “It is, quite simply, a pictorial record...
  2. Joshua Slocum

    Panzer III

    The Author Thomas Anderson will be a familiar name to scale modellers. Many years of research in the USA ,Germany, and Europe, in long forgotten and dusty archives have enabled him to bring together the most comprehensive history of the Panzer III. The book starts with the earliest iterations...
  3. Nemesis44UK

    Escaping Has Ceased to be a Sport

    “Escaping Has Ceased to be a Sport” by Frank Unwin MBE. I’ve always been an avid reader, voraciously devouring everything from the back of cereal boxes at breakfast to the latest Stephen King novel. Over the years, I’ve read some absolute stinkers which frankly should’ve been sent directly to...
  4. Forces Digital

    Reports: "Arrogance" Behind UK Refusal To Buy German Tanks

    Britain reportedly turned down the opportunity to purchase a fleet of second-hand German tanks, even though they would have been able to operate for a decade longer than the upgraded Challenger 2. The move, which would have cost around the same as the Challenger 2 upgrade currently being looked...