general fitter

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    Best trade for travelling to and from Newcastle

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section it’s my first post. I’m joining up as soon as I’ve finished my GCSE’s and I want to join either as a vehicle mechanic, general fitter, aircraft technician or avionics. I have no problem with doing my phase one in Harrogate but everywhere else for phase 2 is...
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    Question regarding shading for RE roles

    Hi lads. I have abit of a dilemma regarding my chosen role (general fitter) and gcse requirements. I have passed my assessment on 28 april, I did all of my schooling in Australia. I have done some research on gcses and tried to compare them to the aussie school system but they don't really...
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    Can vehicle mechanics in the REME work on plant?

    Hello, I want to be a vehicle mechanic and have decided to join the Army. The problem is while I am interested in working on smaller vehicles such as Land Rovers, cars etc. My main interest is in plant machinery with hydraulics like diggers, tractors etc. Is it possible to work on this stuff as...