1. MoleBath

    Krithia Gallipoli

    The Gallipoli campaign has been well documented, studied and revised over the decades. British, Australian and Turkish historians and writers have delved deep into historical records. The Turks saw Gallipoli as a key moment in the founding of the modern Turkish state. The Australians and New...
  2. BratMedic

    The King's Men

    "The Colonel, with sixteen officers and 250 men, still kept pushing on, driving the enemy before him. Amongst these ardent souls was part of of a fine company enlisting from the King's Sandringham estates. Nothing more was ever seen or heard of any of them. They charged into the forest and were...
  3. seaweed

    Mr Midshipman VC

    'They were not rated too young to teach, nor reckoned unfit to guide When they formed their class on Helles' beach at the bows of the "River Clyde"' Kipling, 'The Scholars' 'You may...
  4. Red Hander

    A short, dry, WW1 diary - Gallipoli

    Long story short: this diary has long been in my family. It is written on a signal pad - headed 'This book is for writing orders only, and leaves must not be torn out. It is on no account to be used for any other purpose. By Order.' This instruction has twice been ignored - once in the keeping...