1. dropshortjock

    Chasing French company for late invoices - advice sought

    All, I am currently chasing a significant sum of money owed to me as a contractor by a French company. The contract is a French contract and they are in breach of French law as they are now over 60 days late for all invoices and expenses owed. Invoices are late by over 4 months, varying by...
  2. daz

    Reference Image Char B1 Bis

    French tank for a change
  3. guzzijon

    French Help With Exocet. Letter In Telegraph

    There is an interesting letter in today's (Monday 2nd January 2012) Daily Telegraph which I have copied verbatim below (couldn't find it in their online version). Sir - My recollection of French "assistance" over the Falklands conflict differs from Peter Forrest's account (Letters, December...