1. W21A

    The French at Waterloo

    Andrew Field is a former British Army officer who has a fascination for the Napoleonic wars and has written various books on the Waterloo campaign from the French perspective. This is his second volume of eyewitness accounts on the Battle of Waterloo from the French perspective, with articles...
  2. DSJ

    Chasing French company for late invoices - advice sought

    All, I am currently chasing a significant sum of money owed to me as a contractor by a French company. The contract is a French contract and they are in breach of French law as they are now over 60 days late for all invoices and expenses owed. Invoices are late by over 4 months, varying by...
  3. Daz

    Reference Image Char B1 Bis

    French tank for a change
  4. guzzijon

    French Help With Exocet. Letter In Telegraph

    There is an interesting letter in today's (Monday 2nd January 2012) Daily Telegraph which I have copied verbatim below (couldn't find it in their online version). Sir - My recollection of French "assistance" over the Falklands conflict differs from Peter Forrest's account (Letters, December...