french army

  1. Trilby

    Images of war: The French Army in the Great War

    According to the blurb, David Bilton's Images of war: The French Army in the Great War aims to "provide a highly readable account of the work of the French Army on the Western Front, as well as... a wealth of photographs that show the daily life of the French soldier" and to "...give a concise...
  2. Trilby

    The French Army on the Somme, 1916

    This excellent book by Ian Sumner is a very valuable corrective to the idea that the 1916 Battle of the Somme was all about the British. Featuring a good introductory section, it uses its many well-chosen large black and white photographs with informative captions to paint a quite different and...
  3. JINGO

    On the Devils Tail.

    I was very much looking forward to reviewing this book. I grew up reading Sven Hassel and The Devil's Guard. On first impressions this book had all the hallmarks of the real thing. The story begins with our hero Paul Martelli as a teenager in occupied France late in the war. It follows him into...
  4. A

    École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr (british overseas officer cadets)

    hello, I am aware that there have been a few notable foreign cadets at RMAS who have later gone back to serve their respective countries. I was wondering whether it was possible for British citizens to do the opposite, to go to for example, the French equivalent of RMAS, École spéciale...