1. F

    Fiance in army scam or not . I need serious help

  2. A

    Door to door in Lockdown - claiming to be ex army

    Can anyone tell me if they know of any Vets charities currently sending ex army lads out to do door to door selling in SE of England. I took shopping to my elderly parents in Kent today and found them about to hand over loads of £££ to two scrawny lads who claimed to be working for a charity...
  3. M

    Fake SAS/SBS

    Help needed My daughter would like to know how she can check if her partner is ex SAS/SBS.. he says he has Cap Badge!....I looked on eBay and could find them for sale at £4.89 I would really appreciate any help as my daughter is Very vulnerable. Many thanks
  4. Tedsson

    How Not To Sell A Car.

    I looked through the thread but didn't find anything relevant so thought I would drop this in as a cautionary note to people selling their car. Mrs TS2 wanted to sell her car. She asked me to do it for her as she didn't want to have strangers coming to the house, plus I have no concept of...