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  1. L

    CLOSED - Kleppers for sale

    Afternoon all. I'm clearing x3 Klepper Aeries for my Dad as he is downsizing the family residence and hasn't got the space anymore. Location: Surrey Kit: 2x early 70's Klepper Aeries in unused complete condition. 1x mid 60's issued (camm'd and with history), complete but used. Collection only...
  2. Nemesis44UK

    Richard Simkin original painting?

    I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but I have come into possession of what appears to be a genuine Richard Simkin watercolour, depicting the Battle of Dettingen. It was informally inspected by an antiques dealer in Godalming, who said it seemed to be genuine and offered my dad £500...
  3. PteShuffle

    WANTED - MTP Bergen - Short Convoluted Back

    Hi everyone, I'm desperate for a short-back MTP bergen. I recently got issued a MTP in a long-back size and so far it's been savage on TAB - funnily enough it's too long for me. Looking for someone with the equal but opposite requirements to do a direct swap or someone with one spare. Would...