1. M

    The Emperor's Feast, A History of China in Twelve Meals

    Review by Metellus Cimber II The Emperor's Feast has attracted exceptionally good reviews in a range of publications. The reviews are justified: this is a fascinating book, which will appeal both to people who enjoy Chinese cuisine and to historians, serious and amateur. The title is slightly...
  2. K

    So in basic training and u receiving £15,900+/year, does it include accommodation,tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's left £15,000

    If you are in basic training and you are receiving £15,900+ per year, does it include accommodation, tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's the left with £15,000
  3. T

    Providing Halal Food to Serving Service Persons

    Have you seen how much Halal Food was given to Serving Members (and probably to Non-Muslim/non-Jewish Service persons too)of the MOD including during Afghan War etc. It was provided by Purple Food Stuffs. Just read the info in the docs in this FOI request. - Link Here - WhatDoTheyKnow
  4. mc2016

    Training and Migraines

    Have seen my gp about them, they're definitely migraines i have a sort of visual aura creating a blind spot for about 30 mins then the headache joins and i feel extremely nauseous. I do believe they are defently exercise induced but only happen if I don't eat within 1-1:30 hours after, however i...
  5. ButcheryJobs

    Experienced Butcher Required

    Experienced Butcher Required We are currently looking for an experienced Butcher to work at our busy store on the High Street in Tonbridge, Kent. Fantastic rates of pay and benefits Working in a fast paced, but friendly environment Full time and part time positions available Must live within...
  6. WargasmNow

    Food For Hiking/Camping

    I've taken a mixture of MoD boil in the bag and civvy food when I've been hill walking and camping, in the past. What civvy food can you recommend for hill walking/camping? I've been shopping around, but the civvy equivalent of a 24 hour ration pack item in Cotswold, and the like, are expensive...