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    Fitter RE or Vehicle Mechanic REME?

    Tommy66 Hello, I want to be a vehicle mechanic and have decided to join the Army. The problem is while I am interested in working on smaller vehicles such as Land Rovers, cars etc. My main interest is in plant machinery with hydraulics like diggers, tractors etc. I've read on another thread...
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    HGV / Heavy Diesel Mechanics

    Hello everyone, I am a specialist recruiter for the HGV, PSV and Plant sector who has had great success in the past helping servicemen make the transition from the forces to working in professional organised workshops all over the UK. I would like to speak with anyone who has been trained in...
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    Employment - Manual Machinist / toolmaker

    Afternoon gang, I am keen to hear from any ex-forces especially armorers and manual machinists. In my previous life i served with 2 Mercian "A" Coy - and now a days i'm a specialist recruiter for engineering and technical trades across the midlands, if anyone is either getting out or know...