1. C

    Physical fitness advice

    Hi all, Hope everyone is well. I'm trying to get my briefing booked in for late June/July, and am somewhat concerned about a particular part of the fitness tests, namely the mid-thigh pull. I have always been, to be frank, a bit of a weed, though I have been working hard at this since I started...
  2. N

    Getting back to it after injury

    Evening lads and lasses. I’m coming back from being in the biff for a long time ballon’d in weight and struggling my arse off to keep up on the sessions anyone got any advice are they’re any fitness courses or return to fitness etc to get people who actually want to be fit back up to scratch.
  3. H

    Pre Application Fitness

    Afternoon, I am looking to apply for as a regular army officer, however my fitness is not yet up to scratch though will be in a couple of months. Can I apply now and improve my fitness as the application is processed? Or should I wait until I am in good shape before sending my application?
  4. 2

    Another AOSB Mong

    Signing in first time, read all the failure threads and now I get to contribute. Intent: - Figure out how to overcome my perceived failures (as awaiting report.) - Figure out how to prepare for next time - Advice on how to frame my mindset prior to attending a second time. I haven't received...
  5. Z

    Fitness for the Paras

    Morning everyone Just wanted some opinions on my current fitness levels and training I'm a 22 year old South African hoping to join the Paras. Covid dependant I will be doing my BFA on the 17th of March. I'm naturally a big lad weighing in at a pretty lean 100kg and 6.1ft. I am more fortunate...
  6. W

    All arms p company AAPPS

    Anyone recently undertaken AAPPS , I’m hopefully going into the may course and any first hand advice from people who’ve done it recently on training ect would be a massive help! Cheers
  7. F

    How hard is the running at Catterick?

    I start CIC at Catterick in January (going for the rifles), I feel mentally ready and I'm confident in upper body but Im a really weak runner, My 5k time is between 27-30 mins depending on when I run (slower in the mornings before I eat). Am I going to really struggle or will I be fine, a few of...
  8. X

    HELP !!!

    I join the British Army in 5 days, and I’m scared that my fitness level isn’t high enough. I run 3 days a week, having an 8minute avg mile time. Is that okay as a starting point or am I totally screwed ?
  9. C


  10. C

    Easy vs Hard miles...

    Hey all, I’ve been following the forum for some time and thought I’d take the opportunity to ask a question to those fitness junkies on the forum! I’m currently training for 4Para (should have my starting date very soon, passed AC etc) and I run 6 days a week and strength train. I can hit...
  11. JKim97

    FITNESS PROGRAM! advanced - intermediate...

    Hi all :) I'm new here so please bare with my questions as some stuff I will know but looking for a bit more advice. I am an ex navy submariner and left the navy about 2 years ago due to personal reasons. I'm looking at joining back up but I want to go for the Paras. I haven't applied yet...
  12. P

    Surgery Pre Sandhurst?

    Ello, Recently passed my AOSB briefing and have got my main board in September (if this bastard of a virus fucks off by then) and then more than likely would aim to go to Sandhurst the following September (2021). Aiming to join the Paras, only issue is I've got a mild case of pectus excavatum...
  13. F

    Parachute regiment training

    Hello, I am starting my parachute reg training at Catterick next year when I’m 17, I’m not much of an athlete I would appreciate some advice on how to get fit and ready for the training or a workout plan so I have a good chance of passing, thank you.
  14. A

    Maj. Sam McGrath’s Para Fitness book

    Hi all, So I’m hoping to join the Paras and am pretty much fit enough to do so. (1.2 mile time is 7:30). I’ve been reading Major Sam McGrath’s book called ‘Para Fitness’ as naturally I want to brush up on all aspects before I start, such as strength endurance. However, I was surprised to read...
  15. XxRY4NxX2025

    Junior Paras fitness guide?

    Ok, this is my first post so sorry if it is written dodgy. I am 14, and plan to join the paras, going to AFC Harrogate in September 2021. I know that is still quite a while, but I’d rather be ready for it. I exercise regularly anyway, and love running and fitness in general, but I want to know...
  16. Bras19

    Reserve fitness?

    So I am going to join reserves, but I am waiting to get my weight down first, as worried they will say no ect. However, my friend who is around 13.5stone (not much muscle) (works on cardio 2x a week) applied, got through tests ect and meetings and passed all that. (I’m 5ft2, 12.5st, good...
  17. F

    PTIs needed for F45 Vauxhall

    F45 is a global fitness franchise based on high intensity interval training. We are looking for only the best military or ex-military PTIs to become trainers in our new studio opening in Vauxhall, London in December 2018. Top market rates paid for the right trainers Please contact...
  18. JNM

    Quick training HIIT help

    I’m Going to the assessment centre in 2-8 weeks and I’m planning on doing more HIIT to boost my fitness and shave hopefully a minute or two off my run time depending on the assessment date, wondering if the following would be a good schedule. Morning and evening sessions Day 1 - 1 session...
  19. B

    Should you practice tabbing?

    There are multiple threads out there about tabbing. mixed advice has caused much confusion for recruits. On my alpha I was told by all pti to not tab in preparation for my bravo and that running was enough. A luitenant with his wings told us he didn’t do any in preparation for p-coy just...
  20. JNM

    First army interview help.

    My interview is for next Wednesday. I’m fairly confident with most of the questions I’ll probably get but should I wear a shirt and tie or the full suit? Also I’ve been asked to run the 1.5 mile and record a time. Will it matter that I’m not quite at the 13-14 minute mark yet? I’ll have got...
  21. AlfieFYB

    FYB Vs RAF fitness test

  22. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Sales Manager Required

    We are looking for a hardworking individual to create new business. NO PREVIOUS SALES EXPERIENCE REQUIRED BUT STRONG INTEREST IN HEALTH AND FITNESS For more information CLICK HERE
  23. C

    PFA before alpha

    Just curious as to whether or not anyone else in the infantry reserves had to pass a PFA before they could go on their alpha?
  24. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Level 4 Master Personal Trainer Course

    Discovery Learning is an established Fitness Training Provider delivering exceptional fitness and nutrition courses. All of our courses are recognised and accredited in the fitness industry, and will allow you to work as a qualified Fitness Instructor in the UK or internationally. To find out...
  25. C

    Question about the power bag lift and jerry can carry

    Okay I'm currently in the process of applying for the Army, I'm the medical stage so the next step is selection. Hoping to join the infantry. I've been practicing my running time and I've managed to get it down to just under 11 minutes, my question is about the 40kg bag lift and the jerry can...
  26. CptDanjou

    Old Aged Arrsers, dont give up yet...

    Just wondering what 50+ Arssers do diet and exercise wise for fitness ? (okay some are fact hunts who do SFA) , this bloke appears to have done a lot quite quickly..... Man, 50, achieves the body of a 20-year-old in 12 weeks | Daily Mail Online
  27. dannytreb93

    Press-up struggles

    Hi guys I recently passed selection at ATC Pirbright and due to start phase 1 in mid July but I'm really concerned about my upper strength so looking for any tips to improve on stuff like press ups I only decided to join around Christmas time and wasn't doing much exercise at all before...
  28. D

    Need some advice

    Do you think we're all doctors on here? Go and see one.
  29. H

    I'm struggling with my fitness

    I'll start off by saying I'm 6ft1 and around 10.2 stone, so I'm not overweight. I've already applied to join the British Army. My only issue is I'm fitness sucks and I don't really have the money to pay for a gym membership as I'm only 17. I'm concerned that I will be turned down at the...
  30. Craigmack


    In preperation for pcoy Along side doing tabs in the lake district (20 mile) and running (distance and speed) ive started doing calisthenics i was thinking this would be the best form of training to get me ready what does everyone think? Also is there anything other than just physical bashings...
  31. Y

    Fitness Preparation for Phase 1 Training!

    Hey all, This is my first post and just wanted some fitness advice. Not that its at a bad standard as I got a great A grade pass during selection including a 9 minute 26 seconds run time and pass other tests. I am joining the Royal Engineers and starting phase 1 on the 3rd of April at ATC...
  32. J

    How can I improve my running time

    So ive applied for the British army and I ve been running for around 2 months, prior to then I did little to no exercise. When I first started running I was getting 1.5 miles in around 14 minutes, whereas now I ve got it down to 12 minutes 14. 3 weeks ago I changed my running programme to...
  33. 2

    AOSB Briefing - fitness

    Okay so I've been a bit of a twat, I was doing very regular phys for a year or so and over summer, stopped for about a month because of a lot of things happening and couldn't find the time. I have briefing in less than a week and stupidly was cocky enough to believe that I was fine on fitness...
  34. P

    Can i do more?

    Hi Guys, I was deferred for asthma treatment 4 years ago and am now eligible again, I have let myself go massively (fitness wise) as I kind of went off the army and just went to work on civvi street. I did a fitness test which was abysmal: 13:34 - 1.5 mile 14 - Press Ups (2 Min) 34 - Sit ups...
  35. L

    Pre Joining Fitness Training

    I am looking to join the military next year and I am concerned about the strength tests. I am a decent runner but i lack upper body strength. Does anyone know of any good strength programmes designed for military people specifically? Thanks in advance.
  36. Qournbeef99

    Getting fit for the PARAS!!!!!

    Good evening ladies, im 17 and absolutely hate my job so I fancy jumping out of a plane. I would join the paras right now if I was fit enough however my 1.5 mile time isnt up to scratch and running long distances (4miles +) is not my strong point, so if there are any serving or ex paras, or...
  37. FailyScaley

    Smoking and fitness

    I'm being pressured to give up smoking tabs. I love smoking and always have so I'm looking for angles to motivate me. Any of you lot been proper 20+ a day smokers and packed it in? If so how did it effect your general fitness? I don't really struggle with the fizz but if packing in my B&H...
  38. N

    Medical rejection

    Hi everyone I applied in the TA back in 2014 and got medically rejected during my selection process, right after I was rejected I took all the possible routes they gave me to appeal for it and I did, they gave me a weekly plan to fill out what activities I do. Since I told them I sprained my...
  39. northern-matelot

    Sit-ups outdated?

    Is this the END of the sit up? Well it appears the US Military is looking at replacing sit-ups with planking as part of its fitness regimes, due to the former being responsible for causing lower back pain. I wonder what the findings of these trials and how long it'll be before we Brits follow...
  40. sniper____

    Training Plan Requests / Tips

    *sorry if this is the wrong area to post this(new to forums)* Hello, I just passed my assessment with an A grade I am told the next intake is in April 2016 for ITC Catterick I am wanting to improve my fitness and strength as much as possible within this time, if anyone has/knows a 4 month...