first tactical

  1. MrBane

    First Tactical V2 trousers

    First Tactical have appeared on ARRSE a few times now, and each time the kit has shown itself to be exactly what you need in terms of reliability and durability. As such, it’s no surprise that the First Tactical V2 trousers meet the same high standards as set before with the First Tactical...
  2. MrBane

    First Tactical - Defender Trousers

    Hihi you crazy people. Here's a look at the First Tactical Defender Trousers, designed for the harshest of scenarios. Great kit, great build but a bloody great big price tag too at £119.95 a pair. Eek! Just as well they're very good trousers! Please note, this replaces the previous written...
  3. Bad CO

    First Tactical Launches in UK

    Just in by email is the news that a company called First Tactical ( has just launched in the UK. They're owned by the former owner of 5.11 Tactical who built them up into the massive brand that they are today. It's therefore likely that First Tactical is going to be a...
  4. Bad CO

    First Tactical Tactix Backpack/Daysack

    I arrived home on Friday to receive the message we all dread sitting on the mat. Following a quick trip to the Post Office on Saturday I returned home with a fairly large and undamaged parcel. The slightly concerning thing was that it was addressed to the website and I had no real idea what it...